Satan’s Followers: Black Lives Matter Protesters March in Charlotte Chanting “F**k Your Jesus” (VIDEO)

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By Jim Hoft
Published September 14, 2020 at 7:00am

Satan’s followers.
Black Lives Matter marched in Charlotte last week chanting, “F**k your Jesus!”

These are the same leftists destroying cities and terrorizing communities.

This protest was a week ago but was ignored by the liberal media.

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The satanic mob later attacked street preacher Sam Bethea.

BLM Marxists attacked a man chanting “the blood of Jesus” in Charlotte, #NorthCarolina. Via Facebook -Sam L Bethea.
BLM/Antifa/NOI have publicly announced their intentions to kill Christians & nonChristians, steal their possessions and destroy the

— ChristianFreedom✝️ (@CfuFreedom) September 12, 2020

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